Networking and Design

Networking and Design keeps equipment safe, clean, and running smooth. Networking and Design avoids a cluster of cables. MVM Contracting will help guide you through the process of creating a simple and straight forward network design that meets your needs.


Utility Inspection

Utility Inspection is an effective underground service because over 90% of utility pole decay occurs underground. MVM Contracting offers the latest technology in Utility Inspection by measuring the wood density without excavating around the pole. If decay is detected, we can treat the area with the safest and most effective EPA approved wood decay compound.

arial lashing

Aerial Lashing

When it comes to aerial lashing, you want to make sure it’s done by someone who knows what they are doing. Let the experts at MVM Contracting do what they do best so your outdoor cables are lashed in a safe and proper manner.



Concrete has been one of the most utilized materials in the construction industry for years, which is why MVM Contracting offers a variety of professional concrete services, both residential and commercial. Whether you need a piece of concrete removed or put in, we take all the necessary precautions to ensure everything is done properly.


With years of experience, MVM Contracting is the solution for all of your excavation needs. From site prep to grading, trenching and more, our experienced excavation employees take pride in keeping job sites neat and tidy no matter what project they’re working on.


Snow Removal

Leave the hassle of snow and ice removal to the experts at MVM Contracting. We offer a variety of snow removal services including plowing, scraping, salting, blowing, sanding, snow hauling and more. Let us do what we do best so all you can focus on is what you need.


Waterline Installation

When it comes to water line installation, you can trust the experts at MVM Contracting to get the job done right. Customer satisfaction is our number one goal, and regardless of the size of the project, we’re dedicated to making sure that all water lines are installed properly and safely.


Sewer Lines

Need a solution for your sewer line issue? From sewer line repair to replacement to cleaning and more, MVM Contracting offers a variety of sewer line services. Our experienced professionals will do everything they can to ensure your sewer line is working effectively.

Gas Line

Gas Line

Natural gas is a fantastic and efficient way to power most of the appliances in your home. Let our talented team at MVM Contracting provide the safe and reliable gas line services you need to ensure your furnace, gas stove, water heater and more function properly. We also offer industrial large bore gas line services to match a variety of needs.


Coax and Copper Splicing

MVM Contracting offers splicing services that include testing, terminating, and troubleshooting for fiber optic and copper cables. Let our experts take your cables into their experienced hands so you can make sure they are spliced safely and correctly.


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Storm Sewer Repair

If you notice a broken sump pump discharge line, discoloration near your walls or floors, water leaking when it rains or more, let MVM Contracting help. From assessing your pavement to ensure proper drainage to re-installation of the storm sewer itself, we will make sure everything is running smoothly.