Directional Boring

Directional boring is a horizontal directional drilling method of installing underground services like underground pipes, conduits, and cables into the ground. Directional boring is used to install telecommunications and power cable conduits. Utility services such as water lines, sewer lines, and gas lines are also installed via directional boring. MVM Contracting has used directional boring in all types of terrain and offers the functionality of multiple bore rigs to meet all needs quickly and accurately.


Main Line Plowing

Main Line Plowing is an underground service that uses a vibrating blade to split the ground and cut a narrow slit. As the ground is being cut, the cable is placed in the ground at the desired depth by feeding the main line cable down a chute located on the back of the blade. Main Line Plowing is used for longer fiber optic runs and is efficient with minimal damage to landscape. Main Line Plowing is usually only effective in open areas.

Underground Construction

Underground Construction is the core service that MVM Contracting provides. Underground Construction is the repair, removal, and installation of underground utility services. MVM Contracting has all of the necessary tools to handle even the toughest of Underground Construction jobs, from waterlines to fiber optics. Our goal is to provide a turnkey solutions for our customers.

Utility Locating

Utility Locating is offered by MVM Contracting. We are able to locate main lines for utility services such as cable TV, water mains, fiber optics, gas lines, electricity, telecommunication, and so much more. Before you start any underground construction projects, contact MVM Contracting for any Utility Locating needs.

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